Bernard Tomic: I will never raise my kids the way my dad raised me

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Bernard Tomic: I will never raise my kids the way my dad raised me

Bernard Tomic, 29, admitted it wasn't easy for him to deal with so much pressure and expectation at such a young age. Tomic was one of the most promising juniors in the world and he was tipped by many to win multiple Grand Slams and become a world No.

1. Tomic's career went in a different way as he has four ATP titles in his collection and his career-high ranking saw him ranked at No. 17 in the world. "There was so much pressure and so much eyes on me at a young age and everyone expected that you'll be number one at 18 or 19.

It doesn't work like that you know," Tomic told A Current Affair and the Sydney Morning Herald, as quoted on 9Now. As a kid, Tomic had no life outside tennis and that caused a burn out. "I was breathing tennis, sleeping tennis and working very hard," Tomic said.

"People don't see that, they don't see the work I put in over the years, the blood, sweat and tears. I was on court eight to 10 hours a day, when I was 10 years old."

Tomic 'scared' of his dad

Tomic said to this day he is still "scared" of his dad and revealed he would never raise his kids the way he was raised.

"He still supports me, motivates me as well and he's one of the main reasons why I played tennis and I've got to give the guy credit," Tomic said. "I wouldn't want to be raising my kids the way I was raised.

"He's done many things. Whacked balls at me, rackets. The guy's a crazy man, but it made me what I am today of course … still to this day he's a very disciplined man. "I didn't know any better … he is a good man, and he has a good heart and he put a lot of time and effort into making me who I am."