Monique Adamczak explains how fasting helped her during healing process

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Monique Adamczak explains how fasting helped her during healing process

Former doubles world No. 44 Monique Adamczak returned to the Tour this year after being sidelined for the past two years due to a toe injury. “It’s not until you have an injured toe that you realise how much you use them and how much it affects everything you do,” Adamczak told Tennis Australia.

Adamczak recently went through some big changes in her life as she ended her long-term relationship and moved to Canberra. During her healing process, Adamczak turned to fasting. “I was fasting to get more out of myself in a holistic way, to overcome and let go of everything I was dealing with,” Adamczak explained.

“I was at a bit of a loss at that period, so even doing the fasting was, from a spiritual perspective, really beneficial for me. I was letting go of the past and being able to move on”.

Adamczak, 38, gave another shot to tennis.

“I knew I had a protected ranking and I missed competing, so I thought why not?” Adamczak said of her decision to return to the Tour.

Also, Adamczak recalled a funny story from the offseason. “As I was preparing to get back in the gym, we went into lockdown in Canberra,” she explained. “I had borrowed some weights and equipment from a friend, so I started working out in the car park of my apartment block.

The police stopped by once and were like “what are you doing?” I told them I was preparing for the Australian Open, so they were like 'carry on, that’s fine'”. Adamczak admitted she thought she was done with professional tennis.

“I could never have imagined that I would be here a year ago, even six months ago,” she admitted. “I went through a really hard time and I honestly thought I’d never play again. I just feel so lucky”.