Ashleigh Barty shows major respect for Naomi Osaka ahead of Australian Open

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Ashleigh Barty shows major respect for Naomi Osaka ahead of Australian Open

World No. 1 Ashleigh Barty promised she will give her best at the Australian Open. Barty, 25, is a two-time Grand Slam champion but she only has one semifinal at Melbourne Park. "I just have to hope that everyone understands that I'm giving it my best crack," Barty told reporters on Media Day at the Australian Open, per the WTA website.

"It doesn't always work out exactly how you want to. But you go about it the right way, you do the right things and try and give yourself the best chance, that's all you can do. "I can't do any more than I can try.

That's all I can do. If it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen."

Barty achieved one of her big goals in 2021

Last year, Barty captured her maiden Wimbledon title. "I think there's probably a difference of the bucket list dreams and the bucket list goals," she said.

"I think they're two different lists. For me, it was no secret that Wimbledon was the very top of that dreams list. "I have plenty more goals that I set with my team, both the short and the long term. Some more obscure than others, maybe not so result-dependent.

I felt like over the last three, four, five years, Tyz and I have done an incredible job with our wider team of trying to find ways to tick off those goals, to keep enjoying our journey along the way. "We've enjoyed the ride.

There are still a few more that remain with a little box that's empty next to it." Also, Barty spoke extremely highly of defending Australian Open champion Naomi Osaka. "She's proven time and time again that she is able to perform on the biggest stage," Barty said of Osaka.

"She plays her way. She's dominant. She's been dominant on hard court slams the last few years. It certainly is nice to see her back smiling and enjoying her tennis again."