John Millman speaks on drunken fans causing scene during his Melbourne opener

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John Millman speaks on drunken fans causing scene during his Melbourne opener

Drunken fans embarassed themselves during the John Millman and Feliciano Lopez clash. After the match, Millman was asked about the scrap in the stands that happened during his 6-1 6-3 4-6 7-5 win over Lopez. "The crowd was a bit rowdy.

I think everyone's had a couple of drinks and enjoyed themselves, Millman said, per Tennis Majors. "Obviously you don't want people throwing punches, because we are the happy slam and meant to have a bit of fun, and that's obviously the most important thing.

"Obviously I encourage everyone to keep their hands and feet to themselves, but, yeah, hopefully I can get, you know, a bit of a rowdy crowd and a crowd that gets behind me in my next one."

Millman was glad the crowd stood behind him

After losing his first two matches of the season, it was very important for Millman to end his losing streak at the Australian Open.

“I think probably the crowd got behind me,” said Millman, per Tennis Australia. “It really gets you going, especially after a really average start to the year that I’ve had”. Millman was glad he bounced back from losing the third set and sealed a four-set win.

“I had to look after my service games. I did that pretty well for most of the match, apart from the third set, and, you know, just created enough opportunities to eventually capitalise on one of them to close it out,” Millman surmised.

Millman now has a tough task ahead of him as he is set to face next world No. 3 Alexander Zverev. “You have to be playing amazing tennis to match it against the top players,” said Millman, noting the danger in Zverev’s big serve, double-handed backhand and overall consistency.

“Hopefully we can get on a big court. The crowd can really get behind me and I’ll give it my all”.