Sam Stosur reveals key lesson she learned in 2002 Australian Open debut

Stosur learned an important lesson at Melbourne Park in 2002.

by Dzevad Mesic
Sam Stosur reveals key lesson she learned in 2002 Australian Open debut

Sam Stosur, 37, learned a key lesson in her 2002 Australian Open debut. Stosur was nervous and excited about facing former world No. 1 Martina Hingis before even booking a Hingis clash. “I remember that I played in main draw against Greta Arn and if I’d won, I would have had to play Martina Hingis in the second round,” Stosur said, per Tennis Australia.

“I was so excited and nervous to play Martina Hingis, I didn’t even win my first round against Greta! “That in itself was a great lesson, because it was like ‘okay, you cannot play your second round until you play your first round.

Everything is irrelevant except for this match’”.

Stosur did her best

Stosur was asked to reveal what would provide her with the most pride when she looks back on her long career. “I think just knowing I did everything I can to be the best player I can be.

And giving 100 per cent, doing all those little things," Stosur responded. “I’ve always gone out there and respected every opponent and can walk off knowing, ‘okay that was good today’. I think that’s the best thing that look back on – knowing you’ve done everything you can to be a good player, but also a good competitor (and) a good sport.

“I still remember one of my coaches early on (saying) ‘you always shake hands, you always do your best and respect everyone there’. I think that sort of mentality has always been ingrained in me”. Also, Stosur said Ashleigh Barty is leading the way for the Australian tennis but acknowledged that several others are doing pretty well too.

“Obviously Ash leading the way, it goes without saying. But you’re not necessarily doing great as a country if you’ve only got one player, even if they’re No.1 in the world," Stosur explained. “But I don’t think that’s where Australia is. We’ve got lots of good players and there’s a huge amount (ranked) between 100 and 200."

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