Denis Shapovalov after thriller win: I’m going to sleep in ice bath

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Denis Shapovalov after thriller win: I’m going to sleep in ice bath

World No. 14 Denis Shapovalov joked he was going to sleep in an ice bath following a thriller match at the Australian Open. Shapovalov avoided a shock loss on Wednesday as je edged out Sonwoo Kwon 7-6 (6) 6-7 (3) 6-7 (6) 7-5 6-2.

In the first round, Shapovalov needed four sets to beat Laslo Djere. “Probably going to sleep in the ice bath tonight," Shapovalov joked afterwards, per the Australian Open website. “I played quite a few five-set matches leading up to this one, so I knew exactly when to press, when to kind of not go for it or not push.

"I felt his belief slip away a little bit after the fourth set, so I definitely tried to take advantage of that."

Shapovalov enjoys working with Jamie Delgado

After the 2021 season ended, three-time Grand Slam champion Andy Murray with his long-term coach Delgado.

On the other side, Shapovalov ended his collaboration with Michael Youzhny. Shapovalov took the opportunity to add Delgado to his team. “From the moment we started, it's been really great. I feel like he's been listening to me a lot and learning about me, learning the way I am, and I'm also figuring him out as well,” Shapovalov explained.

"He's been at the top with Andy, so he's got a lot of great experience and it's definitely something I can use and learn from. "It's very early on, but I think we get along really well. I took Jamie in to clean up my net game.

Obviously he was very good at the net himself, so for sure I felt like he could help me there. "Movement-wise and experience-wise as well … he's been with Andy through the big moments and it's just learning from him and working on how to prep for slams and how to prep for big events."