Alexander Zverev: We are not getting tested at Australian Open

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Alexander Zverev: We are not getting tested at Australian Open

World No. 3 Alexander Zverev claims players are allowed to do whatever they want at Melbourne Park and he believes there are more players who have COVID-19 but they are not being tested. "We are allowed to go outside to eat, allowed to do whatever we want, so I think it's natural that more people get Covid," Zverev told reporters, per Reuters.

"I think quite a few players had it when they arrived. Quite a few players I think have it now. We're not getting tested, so I think if we would get tested there would be probably more positives than there are now, in a way."

Zverev taking precautionary measures

Zverev is leaving his hotel room only for practice or a match. "I'm here to play the tournament and I understand that there is a lot of cases in Melbourne, there is a lot of cases in Australia all around.

So I don't do much outside, I haven't been to any restaurants yet, I haven't been out," he added. "I haven't been anywhere but the hotel room and the courts, so I'm kind of doing a bubble for myself, simply because I don't want to take any risks and I want to give myself the best chance possible to do well here."

Also, Zverev named Novak Djokovic as the best hard court player. "I mean, I think, look, I think Novak is probably the best. No question about it. He's won the most," Zverev said. "But I think, yeah, I have said this a lot before, I think Daniil has won incredible tournaments the last few months, few years, so he's one of the best players on hard courts.

I've won the Olympics, Tour Finals, stuff like that, so, I mean, I think I can play quite well on hard courts. I think Tsitsipas can play well on hard courts."