Andrey Rublev: Australia let me enter country while I was still positive for virus

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Andrey Rublev: Australia let me enter country while I was still positive for virus

World No. 6 Andrey Rublev claims he was still COVID-19 positive when Australia let him enter the country. World No. 1 Novak Djokovic flew to Australia after being granted a medical exemption but the local government canceled his visa and deported him from the country because he was unvaccinated.

“I am not being tested personally now because I just got over the coronavirus. When I flew to Australia, I was still positive, but the level of Covid SS, as it is called, I will not lie, it was very low and not dangerous,” Rublev told Sport Klub.

“I was allowed to enter the country. In addition, I spent more than ten days in quarantine”.

Rublev started his season this week

Rublev was hoping to start his season at the ATP Cup but a positive COVID-19 test ruined his plans.

After beating Gianluca Mager in his Melbourne opener, Rublev admitted he would have preferred to have starter his season earlier. “Of course I would have preferred to play ATP Cup, to feel already these emotions, the nerves during the match, to feel this winning feeling,” Rublev explained in his on-court interview.

“Of course it’s not easy when you’re not playing for a couple of weeks and you go straight into one of the best tournaments. “You feel a bit double pressure because you don’t know how it’s going to be.

But this is life, you cannot control it”. Also, Rublev revealed he is still feeling the COVID-19 effects. “When I started to play longer practice matches, not only one set, but two sets in one practice, then I started to feel that I’m really tired,” Rublev told Eurosport after beating Mager in his Melbourne opener.

“The last week here was really tough. After every tennis practice I was completely destroyed and I started to feel like yes, I’m still recovering from Covid, but the first match went really well and I’m happy”.