Sania Mirza: I think I'm regretting revealing my retirement plans so soon

Mirza announced last week this will be her final season.

by Dzevad Mesic
Sania Mirza: I think I'm regretting revealing my retirement plans so soon

Former doubles world No. 1 Sania Mirza says she kind of regrets revealing her retirement plans so soon because now she is getting asked the same question. Mirza lost her Australian Open women's doubles opener with Nadiya Kichenok while she made the quarterfinal with Rajeev Ram in the mixed doubles.

On Tuesday, Mirza and Ram suffered a 6-4 7-6 (5) loss to Jaimee Fourlis and Jason Kubler in the mixed doubles quarterfinal. After the mixed doubles loss, Mirza was if she felt emotional walking away from Melbourne Park for the last time.

“I think I’m regretting making this announcement so soon because this is all I’m getting asked about,” Mirza said, per Eurosport.

Mirza jokes she might return to Melbourne

“Every time I play, this is not what I’m thinking, that I’m going to stop.

I’m playing this year like any other year, I’m playing to win every match that I play and that’s the reason I’m still playing. I’m not going to go on the court and just be like, well I’m going to have a good time.

No, because I still think I’m a contender to win at these events. So no, I’m not really thinking about coming here for the last time. The amount of times I’ve been asked, I’m thinking of changing my mind to come back here again next year and try,” Mirza added with a laugh.

Mirza made it clear that his intention is to win those event in which she participates. “I like to be in the moment in everything that I do and I like to give my best and sometimes the best is good enough and sometimes the best is not good enough and that’s okay, as an athlete I have to accept that,” said Mirza.

“I’m not content by losing in a quarter-final match, and I’m not content by being here for the last, how many years, I don’t know, since I think 2003 I’ve been coming. “If I was content, this would be my last match, but I am here to try and win.

So for me it isn’t acceptable to go out there and just play, because it’s my last year, it’s because I feel I have the chance to win”.

Sania Mirza