Danielle Collins: I’m scared of heights, I don’t like being up in tall buildings

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Danielle Collins: I’m scared of heights, I don’t like being up in tall buildings

American tennis star Danielle Collins has revealed that she is afraid of heights and that she doesn't like being up in tall buildings or close to a balcony. Collins, 28, once went on a trip with Bethanie Mattek-Sands and her good friends suggested they go rock climbing.

“I used to be really scared of heights. I still am scared of heights. I don't like being up in tall buildings or being close to a balcony. I went on a girl's trip with Bethanie (Mattek-Sands). One day I woke up and said, ‘What's on the agenda today?’ She said, ‘We're going rock climbing’,” recounted Collins, as quoted on Eurosport.

Collins faced her fears

Collins admitted she was terrified when Mattek-Sands said they go rock climbing but she accepted it and it helped her grow in certain ways. “I was terrified. It was one of the most scary experiences for me relying on equipment, the what ifs,” Collins recalled.

“It was a nerve-wracking experience for me. “Had to be at least a four-hour experience, halfway through it I realised every time I step out on the court, it's not life or death. For people in rock climbing, it can be.

“That was a really big realisation for me and something I think helped me grow to kind of step out of my comfort zone and try something I had never done before, something that I was really scared of doing. That was a huge moment of growth for me”.

Also, Collins revealed she took a tip from the United States Women's National Team and decided to stay away from social media during her Australian Open campaign. “When they were in the World Cup final they were off social media, not even sometimes checking their phones.

That's something I've tried to incorporate into what I do during big tournaments to eliminate some of the noise, distraction," Collins revealed after beating Alize Cornet in the quarterfinal.