Wolfgang Thiem: Dominic's wrist is fine but we have to remain cautious

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Wolfgang Thiem: Dominic's wrist is fine but we have to remain cautious

Dominic Thiem's father, Wolfgang, has confirmed that the former world No. 3 is doing fine with his wrist. Thiem suffered a wrist injury at the Mallorca Open in June and hasn't played since. Thiem's wrist injury ended up sideling him way more than initially expected.

Luckily for Thiem, he avoided a wrist surgery. "Domi's doing well, the wrist is fine. But even if everything has healed well, the risk of a possible overload is still present," Wolfgand told Kleine Zeitung. "He had a serious injury, not everything works again from one day to the next.

[...] He should be fully competitive again in IW mid-March."

Thiem set to start his season next week in Cordoba

This week a report surfaced saying Thiem stopped his practice after just five minutes.

Fans feared Thiem suffered a setback ahead of his long-awaited return. However, Thiem's spokeswoman Laure Perez de Mendiola denied that the Austrian suffered a setback. "It's true that Dominic stopped training, but that was for other reasons.

His wrist is fine, the comeback plan is still fully on track," Mendiola told Kleine Zeitung. Thiem was scheduled to play at the Mubadala World Tennis Championship but he withdrew from the event. Thiem also ended up pulling out of the ATP Cup, Sydney and Australian Open.

"After speaking to my team, we have decided to return to Austria, instead of flying directly to Australia. Unfortunately, I caught a cold (and tested negative for COVID-19) while in Dubai and was unable to practice last week.

I will therefore not be in the pysical condition required to be able to play the ATP Cup and Sydney ATP 250," Thiem said on December 19. "After not competing for the last six months I can't take the risk of coming back too soon and picking up a further injury.

Overall, the time I spent in Dubai was great as I have increased the intensity and level of practice and my wrist is almost at 100 percent."