Coach: Not sure Ashleigh Barty can win the US Open with the balls currently used

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Coach: Not sure Ashleigh Barty can win the US Open with the balls currently used

Coach Craig Tyzzer was extremely proud of Ashleigh Barty after the Australian captured her maiden Australian Open title. Barty, ranked at No. 1 in the world, beat world No. 30 Danielle Collins 6-3 7-6 (2) in the Australian Open final.

Barty didn't drop a single set in seven matches played at Melbourne Park this fortnight. "Massive sense of pride in Ash and her ability to do what she's done," Tyzzer said, per Tennis Majors. "Yeah, sometimes I just think I'm not sure how she walks out there and does it with the expectations, with the nation right behind her, and everyone wanting her to win.

"It's an amazing feat. It's phenomenal. To be part of it is amazing, but I'm thrilled every day to work with Ash. What she does never surprises me, but I'm just glad that I'm part of it."

Barty a US Open title away from a Career Grand Slam

After winning the Australian Open, Tyzzer spoke about the chances of seeing Barty win a Career Grand Slam.

"The US Open really needs to change the ball for the girls, the fact they still use a different ball for guys and girls. It's a terrible ball for someone like Ash," Tyzzer claimed. "It was the only tournament last year and really for two years where she uses a gut racquet but I had to change her to a poly just to get any sort of control of the ball.

"If they keep that ball the same, no one like Ash will win that tournament. So I think you see the result at the US Open, it was two players who, you go, Wow, that was, two different players won that? There's no surprise when the ball is like it is.

"And I don't know the reason why. It's the only tournament that has separate ball for the guys and girls. So if they don't change the balls, she won't win the US Open."