Maria Sakkari: Naomi Osaka's example can help those in a similar situation to open up

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Maria Sakkari: Naomi Osaka's example can help those in a similar situation to open up

Greek tennis star Maria Sakkari says she is a born fighter and that will always be a part of her nature. Sakkari, 26, enjoyed the best season of her career in 2021. Last year, Sakkari made two Grand Slam semifinals, debuted at the WTA Finals, as well as broke into the top-10 for the first time in her career.

“Tennis, clearly, shaped me, made me what I am today. I was born a fighter, it is natural for me to fight with all my strength, and this element of my character definitely matches my capacity as a professional tennis player.

And I believe that it is my militancy that adds something more whenever I fight," Sakkari said, according to Tennis Up To Date.

Fashion is something Sakkari is passionate about

"I love fashion and I am always looking for new things that make me feel comfortable wearing them.

Dior, on the other hand, is a brand that is in constant search of perfection and elegance. I really like that it does not stand still and is constantly experimenting, in an artistic, elegant way, emphasising the femininity of every woman," Sakkari admitted.

During her interview, Sakkari said the athletes go through tough and challenging times as well. Sakkari praised Naomi Osaka for coming out and publicly speaking about her struggles. Sakkari says when a high-profile person such as Osaka opens about such issues, it helps others who are dealing with similar things go out and seek help.

“An athlete’s life is hard and, after all, we are human too. People should always remember this. Whoever speaks openly, as Naomi did, makes other people open up, admit that they are suffering, and so that they may be able to find the help and support they need – or even take a break from action, to avoid suffering, overwork and burn," Sakkari explained.