Matteo Berrettini: "I too would support Federer, Nadal and Djokovic"

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Matteo Berrettini: "I too would support Federer, Nadal and Djokovic"

Matteo Berrettini achieved yet another great result at the Australian Open 2022 where he surrendered only in the semifinal in front of a great Rafael Nadal, then winner of the tournament. Matteo reached his Best Ranking this week becoming number 6 in the world and his popularity in Italy is at the peak.

In these days the player was a guest at the first evening of the Sanremo 2022 Festival, an Italian important music event, much celebrated in these days. In addition to being a great tennis player, Berrettini is recognized almost everywhere as a handsome boy and social networks have gone crazy during his participation in Sanremo with Matteo who has become a trend topic on social media.

The Italian champion has returned to speak in these hours and has given an interesting interview to the microphones of Italian newspaper Repubblica. Here is an excerpt of his statements: "Too beautiful? My mother and grandmother often told me this but it's not my fault.

I'm a tennis player and that's why I was called to Sanremo, I don't play tennis and that's why it's true that I certainly don't mind compliments."

Matteo Berrettini's words on the Big Three

Speaking of the Big Three, the tennis player then continued: "They will not destroy us in the media forever, it is a passage but it will pass.

It also happened with Nadal, I remember the public at the time of him cheering for Sampras and Agassi and not for the new champions who have now become legend. Rafa used to say 'look at this, play with the capri shorts. I too in the stands in their place would cheer for Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, cheering for them means staying attached to their memories and a part of their heart, it's romantic." Several times in the past Matteo Berrettini has admitted to having in the champion Swiss Roger Federer is his greatest idol and in a short time the blue has even come to challenge what was his idol since childhood and did so at Wimbledon.

Now Berrettini is at the height of his career and dreams of winning a Grand Slam title, a result that would put him even more in the history of Italian tennis and sport.