Craig Tiley: "Novak Djokovic? We have to move on"

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Craig Tiley: "Novak Djokovic? We have to move on"

The Novak Djokovic's issue has also put Craig Tiley and Tennis Australia in an awkward position. The Australian federation, in particular, has been accused of providing incorrect information to unvaccinated players ahead of the 110th edition of the Australian Open.

The story that saw Renata Voracova as the protagonist would represent the clearest proof. The Czech player initially received permission to enter Australia from border agents and played doubles in one of the pre Australian Open tournaments.

Only after the cancellation of Djokovic's visa, Voracova was subjected to harsh interrogation and subsequently deported. Despite numerous controversies, Australian Open director Craig Tiley has announced that he has no intention of resigning and that preparations for 2023 have already begun.

Craig Tiley: "Novak Djokovic? We have to move on"

Tiley explained to SEN's Dwayne's World: "We have many plans for the future and I am ready to work for the long term. The Victorian government has done a great job over the past 10 years.

We've had a billion dollar growth, so we're already thinking about our next goals. Our focus was on the tournament and the three weeks that accompanied the event. We are already planning 2023. There will be a meeting next month and all parties will be busy.

We have a lot of work to do to overcome what we have already achieved. Djokovic? We want to leave behind what happened and move on." In an official meeting with the Serbian president, Djokovic has instead made it clear that he will talk in detail about the story that characterized his stay in Australia.

"Since I have not yet publicly exposed myself on the matter, this is the first time, I ask the journalists for patience. In the next few days I will talk in detail about everything that happened in Australia. Despite the problems I have faced and the loneliness, I have never really felt alone. I felt the support of family, friends and the whole nation."