Federico Delbonis shows empathy for Juan Martin del Potro

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Federico Delbonis shows empathy for Juan Martin del Potro

Argentine tennis player Federico Delbonis is feeling sorry for his fellow compatriot Juan Martin del potro as he doesn't want the former world No. 3 to retire in two weeks. On Saturday, del Potro said in a press conference he will likely retire after Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro.

Del Potro suffered a major knee injury at the Queen's Club in 2019. Del Potro underwent four knee surgeries to repair the damage but the pain is still there. Del Potro will play Delbonis in his Buenos Aires opener. "I don't wish what del Potro is experiencing even on my worst enemy.

I don't want it to be his last match. I want Juan Martín to be there for a while," Delbonis said, according to Set Tenis.

Del Potro: I have tried everything but nothing worked

"Before I start this conference I would like to send a message," del Potro said in his press conference, according to Eurosport.

"I have spent a lot of time thinking and imagining about this day, and I think this is one of the most difficult messages I will ever deliver. "I know that people are expecting me to return to tennis, but this may be more of a farewell than a return.

"I have strength to go forward but my knee is becoming a nightmare. I have been trying alternative treatments for a number of years, with different doctors and attempts to fix it. "But I have still not found a solution. But I never imagined retiring from tennis without having the chance to say goodbye and I can't imagine a better tournament than Buenos Aires to do it.

"After these weeks we will see what happens with my future, but I am clear that I want to live like a person of 33 years and try to not have pain. "It's a difficult decision, but I wanted to make it clear."