Petra Kvitova: I had a booster dose before St. Petersburg, you should be proud of me

Kvitova made a winning start to her St. Petersburg campaign.

by Dzevad Mesic
Petra Kvitova: I had a booster dose before St. Petersburg, you should be proud of me

Former world No. 2 Petra Kvitova revealed a wrist issue contributed to her poor performances in Australia but she is now hoping for a posiitve week in St. Petersburg. Kvitova suffered a shock first round loss to Priscilla Hon in Adelaide and also suffered a first round loss at the Australian Open.

Also, Kvitova made just the round-of-16 in Sydney. Kvitova, who received a wildcard into this week's WTA event in St. Petersburg, saw off Jule Niemeier on Tuesday 6-2 6-1. "I think the result just says it all, and I've been actually injured for a months as well," Kvitova revealed, according to Sportskeeda.

"So I've been struggling with my wrist and I played in matches, but I didn't practice. So I mean in the end, it wasn't the best. "But now I feel a little bit better, so I hope you know, everything could be better, even the results.

And, yeah, I'm here to enjoy it. I have to say, thank you to the tournament for the wildcard on the last point. It's a beautiful tournament, so I hope that everything will be working for me, better than in Australia."

Kvitova had a boster dose before the tournament

"I even have a booster [does of the Covid vaccine] before coming here, so you should be proud of me," Kvitova said.

"I mean overall in Czech, it's like it's not really high, the number of vaccinated people, unfortunately. But the hospitals are a little bit better right now with Omicron. "We still have big numbers unfortunately, but the hospitals are better than it was like in the previous time of Covid.

I would love to, you know, be normal again. Like with those masks and restrictions, it's not life as we've been used to. So I hope that one day it will be easier." It remains to be seen how far can Kvitova go this week.

Petra Kvitova St. Petersburg