Cedric-Marcel Stebe discusses the similarities between him, Juan Martin del Potro

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Cedric-Marcel Stebe discusses the similarities between him, Juan Martin del Potro

Germany's Cedric-Marcel Stebe feels there are similarities between him and Juan Martin Del Potro. After losing in the Buenos Aires first round on Tuesday, del Potro said that was probably the last match of his career. Stebe, 31, achieved his career-high ranking of No.

71 in 2012 but then he was struck by injuries. “I’ve been maybe in the same position as he was. Mentally it’s just really challenging if you’re injured for a very long time. You try to come back and you work your a** off and every time, you have to accept the fact that you can’t really play or compete at your best level anymore,” Stebe said, per the ATP Tour website.

“It’s really frustrating at some point. But for him, he has achieved some incredible things. He made the best of his career. I always had the feeling I haven’t reached my full potential."

Stebe has been battling injuries throughout his entire career

“It just felt like something was completely out of balance with my body.

[Since the pandemic started] I had several abdominal tears or strains. I had a couple quad muscle fibre tears and calf muscle fibre tears. It was basically everywhere,” Stebe said. “I dislocated my right shoulder. It was literally everywhere and that kept me thinking there must be something wrong”.

Stebe, now ranked at No. 231 in the world, wants to give his absolute best before he calls it a career. “I don’t want to stop until I feel I’ve given 110 or 115 per cent. There is such a short period of time you have your career and I don’t want to stop and regret not trying everything,” Stebe said.

“I want to still do my best. I know some guys are playing their best in their mid-30s, so it’s nice to see that people can do it still. It gives me belief I can do it, too”.

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