Nick Kyrgios speaks about his relationship with Thanasi Kokkinakis

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Nick Kyrgios speaks about his relationship with Thanasi Kokkinakis

Nick Kyrgios, 26, is happy that he and Thanasi Kokkinakis have able to maintain their friendship and that they have become one of the best friends. Kyrgios and 25-year-old Kokkinakis met a decade and a half ago and since then they have had a pretty good relationship.

Kyrgios and Kokkinakis went from two 10-year-olds speaking about tennis to winning their maiden Grand Slam title together. Kyrgios and Kokkinakis, who received a doubles wildcard into the Australian Open, put up a stunning run at Melbourne Park to lift their first Major title.

"Basically, since then, I've had a pretty I think brotherly relationship going through from under-10s all the way to basically professional now, which is pretty special," Kyrgios said in his interview with ABC's 7.30.

"Usually your paths go off to different, you know, regions, but we've pretty much stayed the same. "To this day, we love hooping at KGV [King George V Recreation Centre] in Sydney to, you know, being on the main stage when you win a grand slam — it's pretty crazy."

Kyrgios wants to help the game grow

Kyrgios wanted to win at Melbourne Park but at the same time he was giving his best to put up a show and entertain the crowd. One of Kyrgios' goals during the Australian Open was to bring new fans to the game.

"My goal as a tennis player now is to bring new fans of the sport," Kyrgios said. "I think I want to continue to grow the game. "I don't always agree with what the crowd does sometimes as well."

However, not everyone was a fan of Kyrgios' behavior at the Australian Open. "You look at some athletes around the world, Neymar, Russell Westbrook … they're more than just an athlete," Kyrgios said.

"I have my own foundation, I help kids. "I'm a platform … I'm more than just a tennis player."