Nick Kyrgios reveals how he wants to be remembered

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Nick Kyrgios reveals how he wants to be remembered

Australia's Nick Kyrgios thought he didn't cross the line with his behavior at this past Australian Open. Kyrgios was winning matches at Melbourne Park this year but at the same time he was entertaining the crowd.

However, some thought that Kyrgios' behavior was over the line in certain moments. "The media is always going to really nitpick," Kyrgios said in his interview with ABC's 7.30. "I think my behaviour in this Australian Open, I thought [it] was fine.

I didn't think I went overboard with swearing or being angry. "I broke a racket in singles playing the number two player in the world. "I think that frustration's good in a way — it shows that I care.

It shows I'm frustrated [with] the way I'm playing."

Kyrgios wants to be remembered as an icon

Kyrgios has been one of the most interesting personalities ever since he came to the Tour. I want to be remembered as more than just someone who played [tennis]," Kyrgios said.

"I want to be remembered as an icon — someone who just went out there and did it their own way." Kyrgios admitted that he has had certain problems with the Australian public but added that he is at peace when he looks at himself in the mirror.

"I feel like I've definitely had a rough, you know, some up and downs with the Australian public," Kyrgios admitted. "But to be honest, I look at myself in the mirror every day, and I know that I'm comfortable in my own skin.

"I don't really care if I don't win a grand slam one day or I don't want to be like Roger Federer or something like that. "But now, I honestly don't care how I'm perceived because I know deep down, and the people around me know, that I'm a caring person. I'm always myself."