Nick Kyrgios: I have self-harmed, was having dark thoughts about life

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Nick Kyrgios: I have self-harmed, was having dark thoughts about life

Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios says he is enjoying every moment with his girlfriend Costeen Hatzi. Kyrgios and Hatzi have been dating since December and he was accompanied by his girlfriend at the Australian Open. Kyrgios achieved his biggest tennis result this past January, winning the Australian Open doubles title with Thanasi Kokkinakis.

Kyrgios did a Q&A on instagram. “She is the funniest person I know, we literally laugh 95 per cent of the time, I feel as if she brings out the best in me,” Kyrgios, wrote, per 7news.

Kyrgios opens on his dark period

“No one knows what I’ve gone through.

All the struggles I’ve overcome. I have self-harmed, was having dark thoughts about life. I always have my back and have all the confidence in the world. I lean on my loved ones,” Kyrgios revealed. Kyrgios admitted that he is privileged and that the real pressure are the real-world problems.

“We work to play in the best stadiums in the world in front of full crowds, no matter what sport," Kyrgios said. “Real pressure is real-world problems, paying bills, providing for family, and making sure everyone is healthy.

Putting on a show is fun." Kyrgios' dark period is behind him as he is now feeling comfortable in hiw own skin. "I feel like I've definitely had a rough, you know, some up and downs with the Australian public," Kyrgios said in his interview with ABC's 7.30.

"But to be honest, I look at myself in the mirror every day, and I know that I'm comfortable in my own skin. "I don't really care if I don't win a grand slam one day or I don't want to be like Roger Federer or something like that.

"But now, I honestly don't care how I'm perceived because I know deep down, and the people around me know, that I'm a caring person. I'm always myself."