Costeen Hatzi shares how she and Nick Kyrgios started dating

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Costeen Hatzi shares how she and Nick Kyrgios started dating

Six-time ATP champion Nick Kyrgios wanted to go out on a date with Costeen Hatzi so he came up with a smooth plan that worked out. Kyrgios, who has been dating Hatzi since December, apparently saw Costeen's business account on Instagram and messaged her acting interested in buying one of the mirrors from the store.

“He was apparently scrolling through Instagram and saw my business account post (a selfie of me in the mirror),” Hatzi revealed, per 7news. “He messaged my business account asking if the mirror was available for pickup and then messaged my personal asking the same thing”.

Kyrgios came for the mirror and for a date

“It was a professional/friendly conversation and then he came to pick up the mirror from Sydney,” she said. “I had no idea that was all a plan, I literally thought he was buying a mirror.

“He picked up the mirror and, as he would say, ‘it was love at first sight’”. Kyrgios was accompanied by his girlfriend during his victorious run at the Australian Open. Kyrgios captured his maiden Grand Slam after winning the Australian Open men's doubles title with his close friend Thanasi Kokkinakis.

"Basically, since then, I've had a pretty I think brotherly relationship going through from under-10s all the way to basically professional now, which is pretty special," Kyrgios said. "Usually your paths go off to different, you know, regions, but we've pretty much stayed the same.

"To this day, we love hooping at KGV [King George V Recreation Centre] in Sydney to, you know, being on the main stage when you win a grand slam — it's pretty crazy." Kyrgios confirmed he and Kokkinakis plan to play doubles together in the future as well.

"I think we're going to play every type of major event this year except Roland Garros and Wimbledon because Wimbledon is five sets. But every event of the year we're really going to try to make them doubles. From the start I tried to put the crowd in my pocket and it worked," Kyrgios revealed.