Richard Gasquet: "Novak Djokovic? It won't be easy for him"

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Richard Gasquet: "Novak Djokovic? It won't be easy for him"

After the cancellation of his visa confirmed by the Australian Federal Court, Novak Djokovic will return to the court at the ATP 500 tournament in Dubai. The Serbian champion will try to defend the first position in the world ranking, but Daniil Medvedev is now close and will have his first big chance in Acapulco.

If the Russian were to win the Mexican tournament, he would overtake Djokovic on February 28th, regardless of the result the Belgrade achieves in Dubai. In any case, it will be important for Djokovic to send out a clear message in view of the upcoming engagements and to leave behind the story that characterized his Australian stay.

In an official meeting with the Serbian president, Djokovic explained that he will provide his version of the facts to the media before his debut in Dubai. "As president of Serbia he had no obligation to me; for this I feel great gratitude for the way I have been defended.

He has probably placed himself in an uncomfortable political position at the international level. That is why, as a citizen, man, athlete, I am extremely grateful to you and will never forget what he did for me. My bond and my affection towards the Serbian people grow stronger every day.

Our bond will last forever. Since I have not yet publicly exposed myself on the matter, this is the first time, I ask the journalists for patience. In the next few days I will talk in detail about everything that happened in Australia."

Gasquet and Novak Djokovic's future: "It won't be easy"

In a recent interview with We Love Tennis, Richard Gasquet talked about Djokovic's future: "What happened in Australia was very difficult for Djokovic, it will be interesting to see how he gets back to Dubai.

You might think this will increase his motivation, but it's a different matter. He is used to fighting with the public against, facing his rivals and sometimes fighting himself, but in this case it could all be more complicated.

It's a completely different kind of pressure. However, we must remember that Djokovic is one of the strongest players mentally, so perhaps this will motivate him even more."