Paula Badosa speaks on doing photoshoots for magazine covers

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Paula Badosa speaks on doing photoshoots for magazine covers

World No. 5 Paula Badosa says she absolutely loves tennis but she also has interests in the fashion industry. Badosa's parents both worked in the fashion industry and her boyfriend Juan Betancourt is also a model/actor.

“I have to be honest. Of course, my priority is tennis and I love to play tennis. But I like these kind of things because I grew up with it,” Badosa said, per Arab News. “I do it alone for the moment. I don’t need tips.

But, yeah, I enjoy it as well. Sometimes it’s a little bit stressful because you don’t have time for everything. But I try to schedule my day quite OK. So for the moment it’s nice and I enjoy it. “I did ‘Elle’ and ‘Vogue’ this year.

Some Spanish magazines that are important. It was very exciting for me. We used to buy these kind of magazines at home for my mom and everything. Now I’m doing the photoshoot for them. It’s amazing”.

Badosa enjoys a strong reputation

Last year, Badosa spoke multiple of how having good relationship with fellow players is really important to her.

“That’s very nice to hear. For me it’s the same. I really think like that. I mean, this month that I haven’t played, these last 20 days, I’ve been in touch with a lot of players. It’s very nice to see,” said Badosa.

“I think now players know how to separate things. You can compete on court, but you can have a good relationship. After all, you spend a lot of hours seeing each other during the year, so I think it’s easier and the energy is better.

“A few years ago, of course, it was much different. I really don’t know why. Maybe they wanted to start the match in the locker room. It doesn’t make a lot of sense in my opinion. But I think luckily that’s changing”.