Stan Wawrinka explains why he is attempting to come back from injury at 36

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Stan Wawrinka explains why he is attempting to come back from injury at 36

Stan Wawrinka, 36, says he still has the love and passion for the game and that's what drives him to continue playing. Wawrinka hasn't played in nearly a year as his last appearance came in Dubai last March. Wawrinka has been out 11 months due to a foot injury but he is not ready to simply walk away from the game.

"People often ask me why I try to come back from injury and return, but it's because tennis is a passion, I love the public" Wawrinka was quoted as saying by the French Open website. "There are a lot who forget this when they turn professional—they take tennis too much like work.

"What motivates me and pushes me still is I tell myself I'm going to play—that I'm going to have fun."

Wawrinka plans to play the French Open

Last week, Wawrinka confirmed that he plans to make his return during the clay season and play the French Open.

Recently, Wawrinka said Novak Djokovic fears him, mostly in Grand Slams. Wawrinka beat Djokovic in the 2015 French Open final to lift his lone title at Roland Garros. "Novak Djokovic was always one of the Big-3 but I liked playing him the most.

His play suits me the most, even though he has beaten me more times than I can count," Wawrinka said in his interview with Eurosport. "I know he fears me, mostly in Grand Slams and I feel that stepping on to the court.

He plays at his highest level against me because he knows what I'm capable of." Meanwhile, Wawrinka's coach, Daniel Vallverdu, is working temporarily with Andy Murray. It remains to be seen when exactly will Wawrinka return.