Holger Rune reacts to ending his five-match losing streak

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Holger Rune reacts to ending his five-match losing streak

Holger Rune, 18, admitted he was struggling at the start of his Marseille first round match but was happy that he was able to figure things out and escape with a 1-6 6-3 6-4 win over Zizou Bergs. Rune, ranked at No. 90 in the world, clinched his first ATP main draw win in 2022 after beating Bergs.

Rune was on a five-match losing streak in 2022 before beating Bergs. “At first it was tough,” Rune said after the match, per the ATP website. “I was struggling a lot, making a lot of errors. He came out and played very well in the beginning, so I was a bit stressed.

“I tried to think like a professional, I tried to find a way. I’ve played too many matches in my career where I’ve lost the first set, so I just told myself, 'Let’s stick in there, play every ball in the court, and let’s see what happens'”.

Rune bounces back after Buenos Aires

Last week, Rune suffered a first round loss in Buenos Aires. After suffering a 7-6 (4) 6-3 loss to Sebastian Baez, Rune called out the "disrespectful" Buenos Aires crowd. "Beautiful tournament @argentinaopentennis but unfortunately not a nice atmosphere when playing match today.

I don't like people yelling 'shut up" to me during my match or the whole crowd deliberately making noise when i serve and things and like that. It was disrespectful to me and to the sport. All respect to the umpire who nicely tried to appeal to respect.

I fully understand that people support their national players but people have to remember that this is not a football and the players doesn't have to (have) teammates on (the) court to support (him). It's a balance. Support is nice but harassment is (a) no go in sports, schools, whrever," Rune posted on his Instagram Story.