Coach Marion Bartoli expects more Grand Slam titles from Jelena Ostapenko

Bartoli reflects on Ostapenko's winning run in Dubai.

by Dzevad Mesic
Coach Marion Bartoli expects more Grand Slam titles from Jelena Ostapenko

Marion Bartoli has been working with Jelena Ostapenko for more than two years and she has admitted that she expects the Latvian to win more Grand Slams. Ostapenko, 24, claimed her first Grand Slam title at the French Open in 2017.

Ostapenko struggled with her game and results after winning the French Open but now she is starting to play the tennis she played during her run to the French Open title. Ostapenko beat four Grand Slam champions - Sofia Kenin, Iga Swiatek, Petra Kvitova and Simona Halep -- en route to winning Dubai.

A proud coach Bartoli was asked if she now expects Ostapenko to win more Grand Slams in the near future. "Absolutely. When I started to work with her, she was ranked 90th in the world. She really lost a lot of confidence. She had high expectation on herself and also from the outside and it was tough for her to cope with everything.

So first of all, it was about giving her that confidence back, then it was building some part of her game that was already a strength, obviously, to just make sure they were all still there and just work a little bit on her serve and tactical because she has so much firepower that sometimes she has too much tactical options, so to make it quite simple for her so she could rely on that constantly," Bartoli told Tennis Majors.

Bartoli: Ostapenko played her game

"And that was for me once again the key this week, she kept on doing what she knows well, without changing it. And even though maybe the opponent knows where the ball is coming, it comes so fast and so close to the line that there is no one that can play it.

Sometimes Aljona was a bit confused on whether she should change her tactic, because players start to know how she plays, and for me it was more about the consistency of playing great tennis, point in and point out, without having to change really where she plays the ball, and that has been really the work we have done together," Bartoli added.

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