Barry Cowan weighs in on Emma Raducanu's slow start to 2022

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Barry Cowan weighs in on Emma Raducanu's slow start to 2022
Barry Cowan weighs in on Emma Raducanu's slow start to 2022

Tennis expert Barry Cowan insists Emma Raducanu needs time but has warned the 19-year-old to stay fully focused and committed to the game. Raducanu made tennis history when she became the first qualifier in tennis history to win a Grand Slam.

Since her stunning US Open victory, Raducanu has become a global ambassador for some of the world's leading brands. Raducanu hasn't had any notable results since her US Open victory but it should be noted that she is playing her first full season on the Tour.

Raducanu's 2022 season features a first round loss in Sydney, a second round showing at the Australian Open and a first round retirement in Guadalajara. "We all have to make sure that we’re not knee-jerking our reactions just because Emma loses a match, there’s so much tennis ahead of her,” Cowan told Sky Sports.

“But I will always say, and I’m not just putting Emma Raducanu in that but across the sport, if you take your eye off the ball whoever you are then things can go wrong very quickly. “That’s why I say you’ve got to be consistent in what you’re doing and have a consistent team around you and then when you have that and then you combine that with the talent and the mentality that she has you’re going to win tennis matches, and if you’re going to win tennis matches, you’re going to win titles”.

Raducanu out of Monterrey

Raducanu was hampered by blisters at the Australian Open and that contributed to her suffering a surprise loss to Danka Kovinic in the second round. Raducanu returned to action last week in Guadalajara, where she retired her first round match due to a hip injury.

Raducanu was scheduled to play in Monterrey this week but she withdrew from the tournament. “I just wanted to say that I’m very sorry that I won’t be able to play for you in Monterrey," Raducanu announced. “I was having an amazing time, but I got hurt in my last match and that means I can’t play”.

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