Flavia Pennetta and her love for Fabio Fognini

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Flavia Pennetta and her love for Fabio Fognini

Flavia Pennetta, together with her husband Fabio Fognini, talked about each other during the well-known Italian TV program Verissimo, broadcast by Canale 5, talking about career and love story. The couple interview was made on the occasion of Pennetta's 40th birthday, who decided to talk about herself in the living room of TV.

The first theme addressed was precisely that of the love story between her and the Italian tennis player. The two sportsmen have recently celebrated the birth of their third daughter, Flaminia: "She came like this, we didn't expect it, she came like a bolt of lightning.

The first month I was a bit shocked by the arrival of the baby, but Flaminia is very good, perhaps it is true that the third children grow up alone." She is always the Italian champion who reveals the background on how the love story between the two tennis players was born: "At a certain point, I don't know when, her gaze changed, we were looking for each other so much but we were both engaged.

It was I who made the first move. We were very close friends, Fabio was too respectful towards me, maybe he was afraid of taking a stake and this is why he never took the initiative. Then one day I asked him to come closer and suddenly I kissed him."

Flavia Pennetta and her love for Fabio Fognini

A love that culminated with the wedding in Ostuni, as the winner of a US Open tells us: "This is how our story began. We got married in Ostuni, it was all very fast, I would like to remarry with him to relive those wonderful moments."

From this love, three children were born: Federico, Farah and Flaminia. of her children, for "I don't want to make them suffer", Pennetta, on the other hand, would support the choice: "I love this sport instead" After a video clip dedicated to Fognini's career, then the one for Flavia Pennetta's career ended.

She said: "A life of sacrifice, I didn't think this sport would give me what I wanted. I dreamed of winning a Grand Slam, of being in the top ten and I had it." On the way Fognini interprets the races, Pennetta reveals some background: "When he's on the pitch and the few times I go to see him, I know what he's thinking.

Tennis is an instinctive game, but he thinks a lot. He has changed a lot, especially since he is a father. My grandmother said that when you take it you keep it and I take it like this." The interview ends with Fognini's thoughts on Djokovic, who was also joined by the wife of the Italian tennis player.

"Who will pay the consequences of this choice is only him, because he will no longer be able to play the big tournaments. When he makes a decision you don't move him, it is what I define an extra something that makes them super champions."