Fabio Fognini: "I trust Novak Djokovic"

The Ligurian and his wife Flavia Pennetta were special guests of the Italian show Verissimo broadcast on Canale 5

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Fabio Fognini: "I trust Novak Djokovic"

Between singles and doubles, Fabio Fognini is trying to give himself new satisfactions within the ATP circuit. At the beginning of the 2022 season he gave himself several successes in the individual, including the semifinal reached in Rio de Janeiro, and with Simone Bolelli, together winners of the tournament also in Brazil.

The Ligurian and his wife Flavia Pennetta were special guests of the Italian show Verissimo broadcast on Canale 5. Lots of curiosities and anecdotes told by the 34-year-old boy during the episode. He started from the last double affirmation right in Rio: "This victory was needed.

I spent two years taking good blows. But that week was very positive, I want to be happy after what I've been through and I want to enjoy it. Now let's see if we can get more pebbles off our shoes. " On his future engagements, he remarked: "I don't have any tournaments scheduled at the moment.

Unfortunately, I had a small calf problem that won't allow me to play the Davis Cup. Now I will rest and stay with my family. " The memory of the ankle operation: "I remember that the doctor told me that I could choose whether to go home with a wheelchair or with crutches.

I came out of the hospital with the latter but those two months were very hard: one night I couldn't even cry from the pain I had."

Fabio Fognini: "I trust Novak Djokovic"

However, an important career was built by the Italian over the years; in some moments it was probably his nervousness that conditioned him: "Sometimes I exaggerated, I don't deny it.

But when I was wrong, I always apologized. I have always taken responsibility, both for good and for bad. When I retire, one of the few things I'll be proud of will be that I've always been myself. I've never changed." Children and future: "I hope they do what they want and play sports, but right now I don't want them to play tennis because I know what I suffered and I know the sacrifices I had to make.

It is a wonderful life but a very hard one. Withdraw? Sometimes I think about it. At this point I should have fun because I don't have to prove anything to anyone anymore. But doing my job well means winning and when I lose I get angry.

" A thought also to his friend Novak Djokovic, especially on the decision not to get vaccinated: "For him it is a complicated period. Knowing him, I trust and believe him. But I don't want to express an opinion on such a delicate issue, it is his choice and must be respected. "

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