Stan Wawrinka, 36, reveals why he is not ready to retire

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Stan Wawrinka, 36, reveals why he is not ready to retire

Swiss tennis star Stan Wawrinka reveals he still has some unfinished business and that's why he is not ready to walk away from the game. Wawrinka, 36, last played a tournament in 2021 March. Wawrinka, who underwent a foot surgery last year, has confirmed to L'Equipe that he plans to make his return at the Monte Carlo Masters in April.

Wawrinka is a three-time Grand Slam champion, a Davis Cup champion and a former world No. 3. "I haven't done everything I wanted to do in tennis yet. I did not see myself stopping on an injury. Before the stop, I thought I was at a good enough level to still have fun on the circuit.

I'm coming back to finish my career, but that doesn't necessarily mean within six months. I'm not just preparing to come back this year and say goodbye at the same time. The desire is to rediscover the emotions. I still have this flame in me that makes me love tennis, love playing it, love training, love the toughness," Wawrinka told L'Equipe, as quoted on We Love Tennis.

Wawrinka hopes for a successful comeback

Tennis fans are in "disbelief" over Rafael Nadal's stunning comeback as the Spaniard is 15-0 in 2022. Recently, Wawrinka reflected on Nadal's Australian Open victory.

"Whatever happens we cannot compare Nadal with other tennis players, that's for sure," Wawrinka said on L'Equipe's Air Open podcast. "Nadal has been out for four, five or six months almost every two years of his career, and whether the injuries were serious or not, he always managed to come back.

And once again at this stage and level, with the difficult last year that he had, of course, it’s exceptional, just like all his career." Wawrinka will be 37 when he makes his return at the Monte Carlo Masters. Wawrinka won Monte Carlo in 2014 after beating Roger Federer in the final.