Ukraine's Sergiy Stakhovsky opens on his decision to join war against Russia

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Ukraine's Sergiy Stakhovsky opens on his decision to join war against Russia

Former world No. 31 Sergiy Stakhovsky admitted making a decision to join the Ukrainian army wasn't something he easily made but he felt it was the right thing to do. After ensuring that his wife and three kids got safely to Hungary, Stakhovsky returned to Ukraine to join the military reserve and fight the Russian invasion.

"Well there was, of course, hesitation, it's impossible to make that call without hesitation," Stakhovsky told CNN, per Sportskeeda. "We were in vacation in Dubai when when this happened. And, you know, I've been in a tennis tournament.

I've seen the guys there and nothing would, you know, would say that the Russia would engage war and invade Ukraine. "It was not an easy decision for me in this circumstances. It was not a decision which, which would be right for me.

How would stay home? I would feel guilt that I didn't come back and and now that I'm here, I feel guilt that I left."

Stakhovsky on the uncertainty the war situation brings

"This is a question which I don't have an answer to," Stakhovsky said.

"I will not sure that this one individual who's ready to tell you now whether he's ready, sacrifice in life. "It's, I want to see my kids that's for sure. I want to see my wife that's also that's my goal. At any given moment, nobody knows what's gonna happen.

Maybe I don't and a missile comes into the house. Well, that not sacrificing your life, not just being killed." Stakhovsky admitted his wife was against his decision but he felt returning to Ukraine and defending his country was the right thing to do.

"You know, of course, she was mad," Stakhovsky said. "And she didn't accept that decision and that's obvious. I mean, now we're back to normality. She understood the reasons for me, but I didn't want to, I was born in Ukraine. I was born here. My grandparents are buried here and I would like to have a history to tell to my kids."

Sergiy Stakhovsky