Zverev: "Brazilian crowd has no respect"

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Zverev: "Brazilian crowd has no respect"

It was not a happy come back for Alexander Zverev. The number three tennis player in the world has always declared himself against the new format of the Davis Cup, but the German has changed his mind: he has decided to represent his country for the decisive play-off against Brazil.

Although Zverev won against Thiago Monteiro and won the passage to the Finals, the German tennis player's match was not the easiest. In the post-match press conference, Alexander Zverev revealed that the Brazilian crowd showed a lack of respect towards him and towards his family.

The German said: "When you touch your family members, or when you touch someone you love, this is where I draw the line of respect. Today that line has been crossed. It happened during practically every single game we played." Journalist Jose Morgado, via his Twitter profile, revealed that the crowd also mentioned the name of Zverev's former-girlfriend, Olya Sharypova.

The former-girlfriend of the German, in some interviews released by the journalist Ben Rothenberg, had denounced domestic and physical abuse committed by the number three in the world against her, but the German has always denied such accusations.

The ATP investigation into Alexander Zverev

The accusation of Olga Sharypova against Alexander Zverev also alarmed the ATP. In a recent interview, the Men's Tennis chairman Andrea Gaudenzi, revealed that investigations to uncover the truth behind these allegations are still underway.

These investigations are carried out with the assistance of an independent third party. "The investigation is ongoing," Gaudenzi said. "We have hired an independent third party with experience in this area to assist us in the investigation process.

I cannot comment on the details of the investigation at the moment. I can say that we will have more information available when the investigation is complete. I can say that this is all new territory for us as an organization.

He showed us areas where we have something to catch up and need to do more in the future."

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