Borna Coric opens on time off, why he went safe route in shoulder surgery recovery

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Borna Coric opens on time off, why he went safe route in shoulder surgery recovery

Croatian tennis player Borna Coric took his time off to enjoy himself a little as he has fully recharged his batteries and looking forward to making his long-awaited return at the Indian Wells Masters. After losing in the Rotterdam semifinal last March, Coric took a break before deciding in May to undergo a shoulder surgery.

Coric was hoping to return at some point during the 2021 season but he ended up skipping the rest of the season. While rehabbing his shoulder, Coric enjoyed some quality time in his home country. “It was my pretty much the first time in my life that I was free for so much time,” Coric told

“We have a beautiful sea, lots of good parties. I just decided to spend some time on the coast doing some other things rather than just focus on the tennis. I pretty much knew I [didn't] need to be ready for anything soon”.

Coric didn't want to rush his comeback

Coric was one of the first players to arrive to Australia but in the decided against playing the Australian Open. Coric was also scheduled to play in a few events in February but also decided to skip those events.

Instead, Coric decided to go the safe route as he is set to return now, when he feels sure that his shoulder is where it needs to be in order for him to compete without worrying about any potential problems. “I looked at a big picture rather than a small picture and decided to do really good rehab, take my time,” Coric explained.

“I didn't have time off from tennis for a long time. So, in a way I needed this break. We were not really sure what's causing me the pain. So, I lost a little bit of time there. “I could have probably played the Australian Open if I wanted to really push hard.

I decided not to just for the sake of my shoulder and to be sure that everything is going to be good”.