Alexander Zverev opens on being fueled by doubters

Zverev says he absolutely loves when he is doubted.

by Dzevad Mesic
Alexander Zverev opens on being fueled by doubters

German tennis star Alexander Zverev says he absolutely loves to prove people wrong and he is at his best when doubted. Zverev, 24, doesn't have a Grand Slam title in his collection but still he is one of the most accomplished players from the current group of active players.

Zverev has won at every level except the Grand Slam level. Zverev has multiple Masters titles in his collection, two victories at the ATP Finals, as well as the Olympic gold medal from Tokyo. "I love to prove people wrong, and I have to prove them wrong immediately, no matter who they are or what they tell me I can’t do, on realistic terms," Zverev told Haute Living, as quoted on Sportskeeda.

"If they tell me I can’t jump from a skyscraper and survive, I’ll tell them, 'Yeah, you’re right.' But if I can do it, I want to prove it. I’m very black and white; I don’t have any gray zones”.

Zverev thrives when doubted

Zverev claims there were those who openly told him he wouldn't be this successful. Zverev went out and prove the doubters wrong. "I have been told many times in my life that I would not achieve what I’ve achieved, that I would not succeed in sports.

Obviously, I love it when I play in Germany and 20,000 fans are cheering for me and I’m the crowd favorite, but I also really appreciate when the crowd in a stadium doesn’t like me," Zverev said. "I really do enjoy the moments where I’m alone against the world”.

Zverev enjoyed a great 2021 season but failed to lift his maiden Grand Slam title. Zverev finished the 2021 season on a high as he captured his second ATP Finals title. After winning the ATP Finals, Zverev said in 2022 he wants to a Grand Slam and the No.

1 ranking. Zverev is currently ranked at No. 3 and has three more Grand Slams in 2022 to achieve his goal of winning a Major.

Alexander Zverev