Stakhovsky: "Putin risks splitting Europe like Hitler"

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Stakhovsky: "Putin risks splitting Europe like Hitler"

During the Italian TV show Otto e mezzo hosted by Lili Gruber, which airs on Italian channel LA 7, Sergiy Stakhovsky, who decided to enlist to fight Ukraine from the invasion of Russia, was interviewed. The 36-year-old former tennis player, in this interview, talked about the latest concerning the situation in Kiev and the possible developments.

He said: "What can I give up? It's complicated. Each person would answer differently, we should ask the wives of the people who are here to fight. As far as I know the Ukrainians do not want to give up anything, we understand that this is our war, the our battle and not that of Europe.

We are just asking for help and assistance. Italy and her army, as far as I know, would not last a day against the Russian army. We are here we are shooting, using war rifles, we are making do with what we have. People want to fight, they want to resist.

So I don't know what we are ready to give up, I don't want to give up many things I think if we asked others they would answer the same." About his decision and whether he knows how to use weapons: "There is actually no right or wrong in what I did.

If I hadn't come I would have felt guilty, my father and brother are here in Kiev, but I feel guilty because I left my wife. No, I have not had experiences and training. I think I will do the same thing that any other Ukrainian who has enlisted at the moment is doing.

Most of us have no experience, we certainly have an ideal: fight now and that's all we do. It is our last resort. The sanctions have helped. There is a risk of returning as in 45" If you think that what Europe is doing is already enough.

I think that all the sanctions on Russia are many and have helped. The world is on Ukraine's side and this is a very good thing. The sanctions take a long time to arrive, unfortunately we have seen what happened with Crimea.

Right now Ukraine needs the continuous support of the world, the West and we especially need an airspace closure and a no fly zone over Ukraine."

The former Ukrainian tennis player fears that Putin could do like Hitler

He also added: "What I can say is that there are no Russian forces in Kiev at the moment and it will remain that way for some time.

Speaking of Crimea and the two Republics, I don't know if you would say the same thing in Italy if you were to give up Venice and Sicily for example and give them to another state. The whole world is helping us and everyone is on our side, but we must understand that if Ukraine falls into Russian hands there will be other nations and we would return to 45 with the satellite nations.

Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Baltic nations. We see that he threatens with nuclear power and this is the threat that NATO is afraid of. But he will use this card, he has already used it and will reuse it. Perhaps the only hope you can have is that he will die before he does, otherwise he will repeat the same things Hitler did when he was dividing Europe. If the nations go to war, he will fight and split the nations in two."

Sergiy Stakhovsky