Bernard Tomic opens on his well-being

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Bernard Tomic opens on his well-being

Former world No. 17 Bernard Tomic didn't make a deep run at the Monterrey Challenger but he was happy with his result and leaves Mexico in positive spirits. Tomic, now ranked at No. 320 in the world, played his second tournament of the season this week in Monterrey.

Tomic made a great start to his Monterrey campaign, beating Cedric-Marcel Steeb 6-2 6-2. After destroying Stebe, Tomic suffered a 6-2 7-5 loss to Christian Harrison. "Feeling good. Thank you everyone for all the support.

I’m in the right headspace and I’m going to fight for as long as I can. This is only the beginning, I’m going to push myself to get back to where I was, and even better. Win or lose it doesn’t matter as long as you never give up," Tomic wrote on Facebook.

Tomic aims a big bounce back season

Tomic wasn't focused in tennis in the last few years but opened up before the start of the season. Before the season started, Tomic spoke about his desire to return to the big scene and make strong results this year.

Tomic kicked off his season in Australia, but it didn't go well. Tomic suffered a straight-set defeat to Roman Safiullin in his Australian Open qualifying opener. After losing the first set of the Safiullin match, Tomic told the chair umpire he would test positive for COVID-19 after the match.

After feeling unwell on the court, Tomic took a COVID-19 test - which came back as positive. Recently, Tomic reflected on the Russia and Ukraine war. "There is a lot of sadness happening in the world right now. My heart goes out to every single person affected by these horrible events.

It’s important in this time to be grateful for things we do have, and try to focus on the positive as much as we can. Im praying for everyone struggling right now and hope it will all be over soon," Tomic wrote.