Reilly Opelka: "Andrea Gaudenzi must resign!"

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Reilly Opelka: "Andrea Gaudenzi must resign!"

Reilly Opelka has returned to speak and to attack the leaders of the ATP tour, explaining all the reasons for wanting to implement a revolution. The American tennis player has never hidden on the subject and was questioned in an interview by, in which he explained several interesting aspects and the different conflicts of interest that could exist within the association.

"You cannot monetize talent and time is limited. Take Andrey Rublev, for example. He will be 24, 25 or 26 only once in his life. What he did last year was impressive, but it's easy for the girls to do. people say he is a lucky guy and is making a lot of money.

What he does is anything but normal. He works to an extent I've never seen anyone do and respect is more than nothing. I see what he does: six, seven hours of training. He is in the gym, he hits the ball all day."

Reilly Opelka: "Andrea Gaudenzi must resign!"

Opelka added: "He doesn't just make an appearance of him.

I feel terrible that he isn't being rewarded as he should. He should be earning a lot more than he has, because he's busting his ass for it. It's a shame. I don't like having to complain," he attacked. Then he added:" I think Andrea Gaudenzi has to resign.

He needs new leadership and I'm not saying that in a negative way, it's nothing personal against them. They are good guys. Massimo Calvelli (CEO) is a good guy. I never understood, why do we chase people who have been in tennis before? No offense to him, you can't go from being a Nike representative to CEO of one of the world's greatest sports in the world."

The American concluded: "I think we should choose a visionary. Choose Adam Silver's right hand (NBA Commissioner) or choose a guy who worked alongside an Adam Silver or another CEO who was very successful. Then bet on it, because our sport is broken.

The ATP has been a circus for a long time. All other world sports are doing great except tennis, I think it's because of his leadership."