Coach explains how Cameron Norrie benefited from watching Daniil Medvedev

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Coach explains how Cameron Norrie benefited from watching Daniil Medvedev

Coach Facundo Lugones reveals he and Cameron Norrie analyzed Daniil Medvedev's game and tried to implement some of it in the Briton's game. Norrie enjoyed an outstanding 2021 season and he capped it off with a maiden Masters 1000 title in Indian Wells.

Norrie, who is enjoying a career-high ranking of No. 12 in the world, plays Pedro Martinez in his opener as he is hoping to win back-to-back Indian Wells titles. “He loves analysing his opponents, seeing what they do, how they defend.

But he doesn’t only watch tennis on television. When we went to the Laver Cup last year, we saw what the other players were doing. We watched [Daniil] Medvedev a lot to see how he worked and competed. We really focused a lot on his return and how deep it was.

The idea is to keep improving and learning," Lugones told the ATP website.

Analyzing Medvedev's game paid off for Norrie

“Cameron is now returning very well, he really likes doing it,” said Lugones. “It’s the thing we’ve worked the most on in the last year.

We work on it by talking about it a lot and by me serving to him two million times a day!” Norrie is now one of the best players on the Tour but his coach insists he loves to stay low-key. “He keeps a low profile,” Lugones insisted.

“He’s very relaxed, warm, a good friend, respectful, and he looks after his team”. Norrie has made it clear his goal for this season is to reach the top-10 and he didn't hide his desire to reach the No.

1 ranking either. “Even if he gets into the Top 10, he will still be just as down to earth,” said Lugones. “He will continue to have the same friends and treat everyone the same. I think that even if he were No. 1 in the world, he would still be the same humble person”.