Marta Kostyuk harshly criticizes Russian tennis players

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Marta Kostyuk harshly criticizes Russian tennis players
Marta Kostyuk harshly criticizes Russian tennis players (Provided by Tennis World USA)

The attack directed by Marta Kostyuk against her colleagues of Russian nationality is very hard. The young Ukrainian tennis player, after the statement a few days ago in which she asked for a serious measure from the WTA, has in fact accused them of lack of solidarity towards her and the Ukrainian people, decimated by the bloody war started by Russia.

In particular, the 19-year-old from Kiev focuses on the No to war repeatedly taken up by Russian players, who would not have bothered to go beyond the simple slogan: "I don't like it because it's no secret what is happening.

We all know who invaded whom, who is bombing whom, you can't be neutral. Saying no to war is like saying that we Ukrainians should give up, it makes no sense and has no basis. I know that my country does not want to go in the direction of Russia and the Soviet Union.

Ukraine will never give up, we may lose momentarily, but we will never give up. No war for me means the surrender of my country because we all know how crazy Putin is and that he will never stop. We Ukrainians are fighting, so those messages hurt me."

Kostyuk: "Russian tennis players shouldn't compete"

Struck by her pride, Marta Kostyuk continued to fuel her controversy, coming to say that she was opposed to the participation of Russian tennis players in tournaments: "I have never felt so close to my country and to the Ukrainian people as now.

We are a big family, a strong people capable of recovering from everything. However, what is happening on the circuit is very disappointing. No Russian tennis player came to see me, no one said he doesn't support this cause and no one apologized to me or any other Ukrainian player for what their country is doing.

It's very shocking because we all know what's going on. I don't understand why the Russians behave like this. I am outraged to come to the club and see them there, their only problem right now is not being able to make money transfers and the scandalous thing is that they talk about it. It is unacceptable and I totally disagree that they should be allowed to continue competing."

Marta Kostyuk