Physical trainer reveals how it feels to work with Carlos Alcaraz

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Physical trainer reveals how it feels to work with Carlos Alcaraz

Physical trainer Alberto Lledo says Carlos Alcaraz has never said "no" to him and that's one of the reasons why he is one of the fastest developing and improving players on the Tour. Alcaraz is just 18 but is already one of the most physically dominant players on the Tour as his physique has been drawing attention since the start of the season.

Alcaraz added muscle in the offseason and being exceptionally prepared has been paying off so far as he won Rio de Janeiro last month and reached a career-high ranking of No. 19. “He has never said to me 'Why? Why do I have to do this job?' He has never said no to something, and that is very important for the process and the work.

Carlos is a very good athlete. He is not only a good tennis player, but he is also a very good athlete," Lledo told Punto de Break.

Alcaraz is now a physical beast

“Speed ​​is a manifestation of strength. Strength is measured by speed, in high performance.

And we were also looking for resistance because, for example, at Roland Garros, five sets, you can spend four or five hours on court, so you must have metabolic resistance to withstand those loads. You have to be strong and fast, but at the same time, resistant," Lledo explained.

Alcaraz does hard work in the gym and his diet is near perfect. “Carlos' diet is based on real food. He doesn't eat processed food or anything like that. Even the supplements he takes are based on real food. A high-performance athlete, like him, needs glycogen to function and get energy, a lot of carbohydrates and a part of fat.

Of course, he also protein, which is a recuperator and a generator of muscle mass, depending on the work he does," Lledo noted. Alcaraz's new physique is absolutely impressive and physical trainer Lledo says the 18-year-old has already reached his ideal body.

“Right now, thanks to food, rest and work habits, he has developed the body of a proper tennis player. He has already reached the ideal body of him," Lledo added.