Sergiy Stakhovsky hits out at Tottenham boss Antonio Conte over Russia war comment

Conte believes banning Russian players from sporting events is unfair.

by Dzevad Mesic
Sergiy Stakhovsky hits out at Tottenham boss Antonio Conte over Russia war comment

Former world No. 31 Sergiy Stakhovsky doesn't agree with Tottenham manager Antonio Conte that banning Russian athletes from competing is "very said and unfair." Tottenham boss Conte is not a fan of Russian players being banned from competing due to political reasons.

Russia launched their invasion of Ukraine on February 24 and since then Russia has been heavily sanctioned in every way possible. “I repeat, it’s very sad that this serious situation, this war between Russia and Ukraine, is affecting football and the sporting [world].

To know that Russian athletes are banned from competitions is very sad," Conte said, as quoted on Tennis365. “I think it’s not fair. I know very well the work that they do every day for this competition. You have to pay for this situation, I think it’s not right”.

Stakhovsky doesn't agree with Conte

Stakhovsky wasn't in Ukraine when the war began but he returned to the country to fight the Russian invasion. After ensuring his wife and three kids safely got to Hungary, Stakhovsky returned to Ukraine to defend his country.

“I am not sure you understand the situation in Ukraine,” Stakhovsky wrote. “Otherwise, I cannot imagine you would make a comment which would sound like you are sad about Russian athletes and businessmen.

“Millions of Ukrainians had to flee their homes because of the Russian invasion. Millions have to leave [sic] through hell in their own cities while Russian planes and artillery bombard them. “Please wake up. Russians will have to carry collective guilt for the destruction and killings they are committing in Ukraine”.

In tennis, Russia and Belarus have been banned from competing in team events such as the Davis Cup and Billie Jean King Cup. However, Russian and Belarusian players have been allowed to continue competing in international events - but they are not competing under the name or flag of Russia and Belarus.

Sergiy Stakhovsky