Ukraine's Sergiy Stakhovsky opens on worst fears

Stakhovsky returned to Ukraine so he could defend the Russian invasion.

by Dzevad Mesic
Ukraine's Sergiy Stakhovsky opens on worst fears

Sergiy Stakhovsky admits he fears the worst in case Ukraine loses the war to Ukraine. On February 24, Russia launched their invasion of Ukraine. Stakhovsky wasn't in Ukraine when the invasion started but he returned to defend his country.

Russia has indicated that it is ready to go all the way until the end and Stakhovsky fears "Ukraine could get erased from the maps." “I suppose because it’s my country that we are talking about. Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin, have said on multiple occasions that Ukraine has never existed and that it was created by the Soviet Union," Stakhovsky told Marca.

“I’m quite certain that if Ukraine lose this war it will be erased from the maps and the history books of Russia and the entire world. “There would be no country to go back to. I would have the nationality of a country that never existed, and I’m not prepared to accept this.

“We’re going to resist for a long time to come. Russia will not be able to take full control of Ukraine because resistance is everywhere. “It’s in the streets, amongst civilians and around the world.

The whole world is against Russia."

Stakhovsky admits he is 'afraid'

Stakhovsky admitted his wife was against his decision to join the Ukrainian army but he felt defending his country was the right thing to do. Former Ukrainian tennis player Alexandr Dolgopolov also joined Stakhovsky in defending the country.

“Of course I’m afraid. Only stupid people are not afraid. But fortunately, there’s no crossfire right now in Kiev because the Russian troops can’t enter the city," Stakhovsky added. “There are many barriers in the outskirts of Kiev.

The only danger right now is coming from the sky with the bombs. Perhaps there are small groups of Russian soldiers trying to reach Kiev, but for us it like hunting season has begun."

Sergiy Stakhovsky