Mouratoglou: "Emma Raducanu suffers pressure? I said..."


Mouratoglou: "Emma Raducanu suffers pressure? I said..."

Her surprising success at the US Open has placed the name of Emma Raducanu among those of the best tennis players of the moment and with a thriving future. Starting from the qualifiers, the very young British player managed to make her way through the draw at Flushing Meadows until winning the title in the final against fellow Canadian Leylah Fernandez.

From that moment on, Raducanu inevitably ended up in the spotlight, attracting numerous important brands that have hired her as their testimonial. The last illustrious contract signed is the one with the well-known car manufacturer Porsche, but the 19-year-old native of Toronto has already signed agreements with Wilson, Nike, Dior, Tiffany & Co (with whom she has signed a 2 million dollar agreement) and Vodafone.

If all this has distracted her from her primary commitment, that is, to express her undeniable qualities on a tennis court, this is not known. What is certain is that, from her triumph at the US Open onwards, the high expectations placed on her have been disregarded given her results.

The well-known French coach Patrick Mouratoglou has expressed himself in this regard, who has drawn a general picture of Emma Raducanu.

Mouratoglou: "Emma Raducanu suffers pressure? I said..."

Former coach of multiple Slam champion Serena Williams and a popular destination for many young tennis players with his academy, Patrick Mouratoglou was questioned about the figure of Emma Raducanu.

According to him, what is preventing the rising British star from steadily establishing herself is the inability to bear all the pressure on her after the exploit of the US Open: "It all happened so quickly and from one day to the next.

other for Emma Raducanu and I don't think she has the basis to suffer so much pressure. She has great play and is a great athlete. She has shown incredible mental strength, because what she did at the US Open is something special.

She has a good team and you can see that she is making her part of her. They will have to be very patient with her, because if she is under too much pressure, it will hurt her and it could have an impact on her career. I think she can win more Grand Slams, but I think it's very early to win more because she played without any pressure and suddenly all the pressure came on her so she is no longer the same player she was a few months before the US Open.

When you're under pressure, your weaknesses show up and she's not ready for it, that's what I think. Will she be in the future? I think so. If she is able to keep the mindset that she has right now with the work she is doing, I think she has the game, the physical skills and the mental strength to do it in the future."

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