Mouratoglou: "Alexander Zverev went beyond the limits"

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Mouratoglou: "Alexander Zverev went beyond the limits"

A month has already passed since the episode in which Alexander Zverev became the protagonist in Acapulco. Frenchman Patrick Mouratoglou has decided to return to the subject, still in the foreground, expressing his opinion on the matter.

The coach considered the reaction of the people towards the German tennis player disproportionate, calculating the penalty established by the ATP of a hefty $ 40,000 fine plus the withdrawal of $ 31570 that would have paid him as a reward for his participation: "I don't like it when someone makes a mistake and everyone jumps on that person and knocks them down.

I know that we are in a sport where people think that the athlete must always show perfection, anything that is not in line with this upsets them. But I think that the reaction of all tennis lovers was disproportionate," said The Coach.

Mouratoglou: "Alexander Zverev went beyond the limits"

However, the criticism expressed to the Hamburg native: "I realize that he has gone too far. It is one thing to lose patience, but you still have to have limits and he has gone beyond that.

When I saw the footage of Sascha screaming and hitting the chair umpire, I thought he was in trouble. In the world of tennis, where everyone should always be perfect, I think it's bad for their image in the short term, people forget in the long run.

He screamed, hit the chair, it's wrong, it's a mistake, I say it's right to punish. We all learn by making mistakes." Then he continued:" These images continue to repeat themselves less and less frequently, but when they occur they go around the world in a matter of seconds, as happened to Indian Wells in the match between Rafael Nadal and Nick Kyrgios, in which the Greek paid for his frustration on the pitch, throwing a racket as soon as the game was over that almost hit a ball boy."

On the sanction: "It is up to the ATP to take the sanctions it deems necessary. I am not surprised that people expect heavy penalties because we are in tennis. In football, if there were this type of sanctions, 90% of the players would no longer play."