Coach Craig Tyzzer reveals when Ashleigh Barty was first ready to quit tennis

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Coach Craig Tyzzer reveals when Ashleigh Barty was first ready to quit tennis

Coach Craig Tyzzer wasn't surprised by Ashleigh Barty's decision to retire at the age of 25 as he revealed the Australian was ready to call it a career after the 2019 French Open. At Roland Garros three years ago, Barty lifted her first Grand Slam title.

“Ash probably still remembers, but after her first grand slam, the French, I’d actually prepared this speech about how profound this (title) was gonna be, and what it meant to her,” Tyzzer said, per 7News.

"And the first thing she said to me was, ‘Can I retire now?’ I sort of went, ‘Hang on, I’m not ready for that.’ “Look, it’s not a shock to me (that she retired). Ash does her own thing and when we started together (as coach and player) she wanted to do it the way she wanted to do it.

“I think it’s the right time. I think she won the Aussie Open for everyone, not just for her. I think that was for everyone else, and - yeah. I don’t think there’s anything left in the tank for her”.

Tyzzer, Barty won the Australian Open together

Barty's motivation started to decline after she achieved her childhood dream of winning Wimbledon. Still, Barty managed to find the willingness to put up a strong preseason.

Barty was rewarded for her preseason work as she captured her first Australian Open title, in what turned out to be the last tournament of her career. “It was really difficult to do the pre-season for the lead-up for the Aussie summer circuit, and she just put her head down and went super hard,” Tyzzer said.

“And I feel, the hardest thing was trying to motivate her to get a spark to go, ‘Hey, you need to be out there’. “Because her tennis and her mindset, she was so relaxed and so easygoing with it all.

“It was almost like she didn’t care whether she won or lost, but she obviously did. “But, yeah, like I said, I think the Australian summer was for everyone else and not for her”.