Ashleigh Barty answers whether there is chance she tries another sport

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Ashleigh Barty answers whether there is chance she tries another sport

Ashleigh Barty has no immediate plans to start playing another sport but didn't rule out the possibility of trying out another sport in the future. On Thursday, Barty held a press conference following her shock retirement from tennis at the age of 25.

During the press conference, Barty was asked about reports that she could up golf or Australian Rules football. “I’ve seen some brilliant Photoshops as a jockey, lawn bowls, I’ve seen a little bit. I love sport.

I’m a sport nut. Like a lot of Australians are, I will be glued to it. I’ve always been an athlete in a sense of trying different things. But we will see how we go,” Barty said, per Sportskeeda.

Barty aims to contribute to the Aboriginal and Indigenous community

“I know my contribution with the Aboriginal and Indigenous side of our sport will only grow,” Barty added.

“I’m really excited for that, I’m really excited to have the opportunity to give Indigenous youth, Aboriginal youth around our nation more opportunity to get into the sport. That’s something that we’ll work on down the track but I am excited to spend more time in that space”.

During his press conference, Barty thanked the Australian public for allowing her to be herself. Barty has always been a great role model and there is not a single incident that can be placed under her name. “I’ve never, never been a prisoner.

I think the Australian public allowed me to be myself," Barty said. "They allowed me to make mistakes. They allowed me to be imperfect. And it just made it so much for fun. It really did make that Australian Open so much more enjoyable for all of us to be able to go you know what, this is one last crack, let’s see what we can do. It was really cool”.