Emma Raducanu opens on negative comments she receives on social media

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Emma Raducanu opens on negative comments she receives on social media

World No. 13 Emma Raducanu has been struggling a bit with her game since her US Open triumph but still she has landed several lucrative endorsement deals. As it is usually the case with social media, fans and hecklers try to bring down players by posting negative comments.

Raducanu, who has endorsement deals with Dior, Nike, Tiffany, Evian, Jaguar, British Airways and Vodafone, has been receiving lots of negative comments on the internet lately. “If you just see – like on the news or on social media – me signing this deal or that deal, I feel like it's quite misleading.

Because I'm doing five or six hours a day [of training], I'm at the club for 12 hours a day. But I throw out one post in the car on the way to practice and all of a sudden, it's – you know – I don't focus on tennis or whatever," Raducanu told The Telegraph.

“I think that it is unfair, but it's something that I have learned to deal with more and become a bit more insensitive to the outside noise. And at the end of the day, I feel like my days [working with commercial partners] are pretty limited.

I'm not even doing crazy days. I feel like I'm doing like three or four days every quarter, so it's really not that much."

Raducanu looking forward to Wimbledon

Raducanu made her first breakthrough at last year's Wimbledon.

Raducanu made the Wimbledon round-of-16, before she was forced to retire mid-match. Two months later, Raducanu became a Grand Slam champion at the US Open. There will be lots of attention on Raducanu when she takes on the courts of Wimbledon this year.

“Wimbledon is my favorite tournament, even though I won the US Open. I think that the atmosphere last year was insane. So this year, I feel like it's going to be pretty special. And we'll see how I cope," Raducanu revealed.