Mats Wilander explains why Andy Murray reunited with Ivan Lendl

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Mats Wilander explains why Andy Murray reunited with Ivan Lendl

Former seven-time Grand Slam champion Mats Wilander thinks Ivan Lendl didn't reunite with Andy Murray because he feels he can help the Briton win another Grand Slam but rather because he feels his presence can help the former world No.

1 utilize his talent to the fullest. "I think Ivan Lendl is not coming back to Andy Murray to help him to win another Grand Slam. I think he's coming back because he sees that Andy Murray is not utilizing all his talent,” Wilander told Eurosport.

“He's not playing the tennis that will help him do well or do better again. And Andy Murray to me most probably feels that. But what is it? What is it that Andy Murray needs to change? Is it hitting the ball harder? Is it to have a different attitude? Is it coming to the net more? Whatever it is, something is not clicking in Andy's game.

“And even Ivan Lendl, I think, believes that he might be able to help him. This doesn't mean to me that if they don't win a Grand Slam together, this will be a disappointment. It's just positive that both of them are willing to go back to what was successful in the past."

Murray aims to make strong results in 2022

Murray stated several times that he is not hanging around just for the sake of being active. Murray's best result of the season came in Sydney, where he ended runner-up to Aslan Karatsev in the final.

"Let's see how far it takes Andy Murray because he's 36 years old and it's not that easy to keep improving. But he's having fun and Ivan Lendl all around him seems to be a good medicine for him to keep having fun," Wilander added.

It is not a secret that Murray aims to have a big grass season as he wants to make a strong result at Wimbledon. Murray will have lots of time to prepare for the grass season as he has announced he will be skipping the entire clay season.