Alexandr Dolgopolov: "It's a genocide, not a war"

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Alexandr Dolgopolov: "It's a genocide, not a war"
Alexandr Dolgopolov: "It's a genocide, not a war"

Aleksandr Dolgopolov also took the field to give moral support and help his country in the war against Russia. The former tennis player began to make an important contribution to his people in the distribution of food in different cities, such as Chernigov, also passing through Kiev.

The 33-year-old Ukrainian, in an interview with, stated the reason for his enlistment to defend his country: "I felt like I had to do it. I couldn't watch it on TV. At first, I watched about 23 hours of news and slept an hour a day.

I barely ate for several days. There were still a lot of people in the various territories, why didn't I have to be there? I am young, sporty and I have a weight in society as a famous person. I can send messages, talk to the press, try to raise funds: if I have to fight, I will fight, but there are also many useful things I can do here in Ukraine," he said.

Alexandr Dolgopolov: "It's a genocide, not a war"

Then he continued: "If you were at the highest level in a sport like tennis, you are strong. You have to sacrifice a lot of things in a normal life to be at the top, so I think every tennis player who is part of the elite is very strong.

Now you change what you do and focus on different things, on being safe, on survival. Your mind goes haywire - you live minute by minute, hour by hour. It's like the world has stopped here and it's all about struggle and survival, "he added." The problem is that this is not a war between armies: you see hundreds of videos of Russians killing people with their hands up in their cars.

It begins to become the genocide of a nation. For all of this, you can't just say 'no to war' It is clear that we are all against war, this is said everywhere, all the time, but when it reaches a magnitude like this, you have to take a stronger stand and condemn what the your government," he concluded.

Alexandr Dolgopolov

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